Bamboo Fiber Bento Box

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For every purchase, we plant two trees

Bambouri Bento Boxes are made with a composite of Bamboo Fibers, Wheat Straws, Rice Husk + PLA (PolyLactic Acid made from fermented corn starch). and are 100% PVC Free, Nitrosamine Free, Latex Free, Phthalate Free, and BPA Free.

Bambouri Bento Boxes are organic, durable, long-lasting, washable, dishwasher safe, and can be reused many times over the years when properly cared for.

The ideal replacement for plastic containers and lunchboxes, our Bambouri Bento Boxes are perfect for taking to work, school or a picnic. It also comes with a wide elastic strap to ensure that your lunchbox is securely closed, avoiding unwanted leak and mess.

Ditch the disposable plastic food containers that pollute the earth and Switch to Bambouri, today!

Each Package includes 1 Box + 1 Spoon + 1 Fork + 1 Pair of Chopsticks + 1 Box Strap with built-in Spoon Holders 


  • Eco-Friendly Lunchbox; Ethically Farmed: Bambouri uses fully sustainable and 100 % organic bamboo, that is harvested naturally without any harmful fertilizers or pesticides. During the production phase, we use the entire bamboo stalk, ensuring that there is zero waste.

  • Naturally Antibacterial and Safe: Known as one of the fastest-growing and most sustainable plant materials on Earth, Bamboo is naturally antibacterial. Using natural, organic Bento boxes made from bamboo eliminates the potential for ingesting chemicals and keeps your food fresh for longer hours, unlike Plastic products that could be potentially toxic for your health.

  • Eliminates Plastic Waste: Replace your Plastic, Tupperware and Metal Products with reusable, naturally conscious Bambouri Bento Box and reduce your plastic footprint.

  • Plant 2 Trees: For every purchase on this website, we plant two trees in collaboration with various NGOs throughout the world.
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