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Size: 750 ml

Never Use Plastic Bottles Again

Bambouri bottles are made from 100% organic bamboo that is harvested naturally without any harmful fertilizers or pesticides in the local farms of Assam, India.

The Real Problem

Around 5000 water bottles are thrown away every second, over 1.3 billion plastic bottles are produced every day, and 481.6 billion of these bottles are sold in a year!  Over 91%  of the plastic waste never gets recycled and either ends up in landfills, oceans, killing millions of birds, mammals, animals, and marine life every year.

Bambouri Solution

Bambouri Bamboo bottles are designed with a single goal, to provide a nature-friendly, smart alternative to plastic bottles to individuals and businesses and help reduce the devastating effects that plastic pollution is having on our planet. Our bamboo bottles and are fully biodegradable, compostable, sustainable,nature-friendly, safe, and free from all chemicals. 

They are ethically cultivated and handcrafted with pride by our expert artisans who spend up to 6 hours to make one bamboo bottle. During the production phase, we use the entire bamboo stalk, ensuring that there is zero waste.
Bambouri bottles feature an exquisite design, are durable, easy to maintain, and can last over 18 months with proper care. Even the caps of bambouri bottles are made with 100% bamboo, making it truly one of its kind.

By choosing bamboo bottles, you not only take the first step towards a healthy and sustainable living but also do your bit to support a plastic-free world.


The bambouri bamboo bottle is highly durable and made to last at least 18 months. The bamboo is processed with a proprietory procedure that deters any mold production or rotting. Moreover, the exterior bottle is sprayed with an organic lacquer to help maintain its look and feel. The first sample we have ever produced was five years ago, which is still in use today.

To make sure that your bottle lasts longer we suggest that you rinse and dry your bottle under direct sunlight once every week

Manufacturing Process

Our bamboo bottles are grown and handcrafted by local communities of Assam, India, who specialize in bamboo cultivation, engineering, and manufacturing of high-end bamboo products for decades. We can proudly say that our bamboo bottles are sourced responsibly, using natural and organic material.

Each bamboo bottle is 100% handcrafted and takes around 6 hours to make, which involves a rigorous process of cutting,  boiling, drying, smoking, joining the separate parts, and finishing the bamboo, and can last over 18 months with proper care. Unlike the production processes of other bottles, our bottles involve Zero electricity and Zero emissions. 

At bambouri, we believe in fair and honest manufacturing, which is why we oversee all aspects of our manufacturing and supply chain operations in person and work very closely with our artisans and farms in Assam to develop ethical relationships with them.

Our Pledge

For every purchase made on our Website, we plant two trees in collaboration with Various NGOs across the globe, whether we are profitable or not!

By investing in our bambouri bottles, you are not only helping to save the planet by combating plastic pollution and deforestation but also supporting local communities in rural areas.

We want to use Bambouri as a platform to promote the talent, hard work, and dedication of the Assamese artisans worldwide.

After countless numbers of designs and testing, we feel that we are now ready to move forward into production with your help.


Shipping time: 5-7 Days for the United States, 6-12 Days for the United Kingdom and European Economic Area, 2-5 Days for Asia, 8-15 Days for the Rest of the World.